Sport and the Feels

Ian Darke and John Inverdale: The Scandal

Episode Summary

One Flew Over the Commentary Box. Ian Darke on Jack Nicholson and Ben Johnson.

Episode Notes

Commentary legend Ian Darke takes us back to Seoul 1988; the Ben Johnson 100m final and the dramatic aftermath.  What was it like to describe one of the most infamous moments in Olympic history?  He reveals how Johnson’s failed drugs test was leaked and the moment he went live in his PJs to break the news.  We discover Darke, one of the UK's longest-serving active commentators, is on first name terms with a Hollywood A-lister, or so he tells us, after a bizarre incident during an obscure boxing bout at LA 1984.   John Inverdale is alongside host Jonathan Overend for Episode Three, in association with Aldi UK, official supermarket partner of Team GB.   John trades Muhammed Ali memories with Ian, did they both see the great man fight?   Plus what's that about Simply Red in Barcelona?