Sport and the Feels

Paralympic Feels: Clare Balding

Episode Summary

The face of the Paras from Sydney to Rio; it's only Clare Balding!

Episode Notes

While the athletes  are the real superstars, few can dispute the fact that live TV coverage of the Paralympics has helped change perceptions of disability sport and alter attitudes in society.  We have a lot to thank Clare Balding for: In 2004, the BBC decided to show the Paralympics live for the first time and Clare was the host.  Fast-forward to London 2012 and, after a prominent Olympics for the BBC, she was the face of Channel 4 for the biggest, most ambitious, most successful coverage of a Paralympic Games in TV history.   The coverage pushed boundaries and won a BAFTA.  Clare wasn't afraid to ask questions we wanted to but were perhaps afraid to ask.  She talks about how she took on the role, how things have moved forward with every games and the challenges still being faced by those athletes with disabilities.  Lee McKenzie joins the Sport and the Feels team for this second episode in the series.  She claims Clare helped her drink Rio out of gin.  Clare blames Lee's "ring-leader" tendencies.  Which she disputes. Plus a kitten update and a surprise mention for Eric Pickles.