Sport and the Feels

Paralympic Feels: David Clarke

Episode Summary

He left home at 3, scoring 128 goals for England. The remarkable David Clarke Story.

Episode Notes

David Clarke has lived a remarkable life; let him tell you about it. Born blind in Wigan and sent to a Liverpool boarding school at 3 years old, he fell in love with football; scoring more than a hundred goals for England, carrying the Paralympic flame into the London Stadium in 2012 and handing over the FA Cup to his home town club the following year.  That's just the sporty bit.  In a successful professional career, David has positive and negative experiences in the way corporations treat and speak to disabled people which can only help improve attitudes.  He believes there remains a "huge untapped workforce" and tells a story all businesses will learn from.   Andy Stevenson, alongside host Jonathan Overend for this 3rd episode in the series, relates to David's tales and brings his own experiences of applying for jobs as a person with a disability.  Plus; how does BBC Washington Correspondent Gary O'Donoghue fit into this story?  Why was David wearing sequins last time he met Andy?   Plus hello to Harpenden Colts Harriers U-15s.